From manufacturers and distributors to retailers and customers.

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AmbiTim Group Logistics Center

Central logistics for all subsidiaries of the AmbiTim Group. Univectra organizes and plans the products requirement by processing purchasing orders and organizing the dispatch to each subsidiaries.

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Transport and delivery services

Organized and tailored delivery services with the customers requirements. Univectra offers a best connection from factory to the end customer.

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Comprehensive distribution service

Reduce costs, optimize the goods flow and increase sales. Univectra offers business partners warehousing, manages the inventory, process orders and invoicing.

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Value added services

Keeping stocks low and meeting volatile consumer demands. We can apply customized labels, bar codes and price stickers. Maintaining the highest quality standards, Univectra offers on-site inspection of inbound and outbound goods, reducing wastage, protecting your brand.

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Integration with other services

Univectra provides AmbiTim Group and its business partners additional options for their end customers. This includes the pickup point and integration with other specialized services.

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Customer care services

Our help desk provide all the information about delivery, stock and status of the orders.

If you need information just get in touch with us.

AmbiTim d.o.o. PE Univectra Univectra Logistics and distribution center
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